Welcome to FYI Resources

FYI Resources is an Australian Listed resources company (ASX:FYI) that is focused on the exploration and development of potash projects in Southeast  Asia.
The Company has two principal target project areas being Thailand and Laos. The potential of both target areas is excellent given the ideal geological setting and demonstrated past exploration success.

FYI will focus on establishing and developing shallow high grade, large tonnage potash operations. Because of the natural technical and


operational (including capex and opex cost) advantages that the target areas exhibit and have the ability to support, it is expected that the region will become a major competitor in the potash industry.

The off-take potential for the future production is very positive for both domestic and export markets.  Thailand and Lao are in very close proximity to the world’s largest potash consumer markets. Additionally, both countries are agrarian based and have considerable internal potash consumption – of which 100% of the demand is currently imported.