Our vision is to commercialise our innovative and fully integrated high quality HPA become a major participant in the HPA markets

  • Operational excellence maximises margins and returns
  • The quality of our project and depth of our study detail is a key differentiator
  • Create value in an environmentally sustainable manner  


Our goals and stated objectives include:

  • Establish and build material and sustainable businesses
  • Create superior long term value for all shareholders
  • Attract, retain and engage a first class work force
  • Promote a zero harm environment for our work force and environment
  • Develop and promote a strong and enduring relationship with our stakeholders

Core Values

  • Lay solid foundations for management and Company oversight
  • Act ethically and responsibly
  • Structure the board to add value
  • Safeguard integrity in corporate reporting
  • Make timely and balanced disclosure
  • Respect the rights of all stakeholders
  • Recognise and manage risk
  • Remunerate fairly and responsibly