FYI has secured a premium location in the highly sought-after Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA). The KIA is a strategic zone and a key contributor to the WA economy where it is widely recognised as a first-class manufacturing, engineering, chemical and resource processing and refining hub.

The KIA is home to several major companies including BHP and provides FYI with a high-quality processing site where kaolin feedstock from Cadoux will be refined into HPA, with FYI aiming to become an integrated proponent within the Kwinana Area and can contribute to, and leverage off, the leading technologies and services providers.

Kwinana is not only a key centre for employment, but a major contributor to innovation, export earnings and economic growth. Kwinana is now set to become a major global battery minerals processing hub.

There is an increasing demand by customers for transparency and provenance for ethically produced raw materials. Kwinana will be an important facet in providing these required qualities to customers.

The Western Australian Government support for battery minerals value-adding industries has resulted in FYI qualifying for a priority location for its HPA production facility.