FYI is on-track in delivering on its stated HPA development objectives

Project Portfolio Overview

FYI is focusing on the development of long term strategic commodity projects. The target commodities are assessed on the basis of addressing the increasing importance and future demand growth coupled against forecast supply shortfalls.

The selection of our projects is a result of extensive technical evaluation and due diligence on the asset’s potential as well management view on the development potential and as our target’s mine life is >50 years, we consider the long term economic view of the commodity.

High Purity Alumina

FYI is positioning to be a solution provider in the HPA industry by developing a fully integrated HPA processing facility. 

Demand for high purity alumina has gained incredible acceptance and traction globally owing to growing technological advancements and increasing demand from applications such as LED lighting, electronic displays, automotive and medical products. This trend is expected to continue with growing adoption of HPA by end users and emerging technological advancements and subsequent demand.

The market for high purity alumina has witnessed tremendous growth during the past few years and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.5%* in terms of volume, during the analysis period. Increasing penetration of LEDs in the lighting market, newer applications of high purity alumina in smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, are significant factors driving the growth of the high purity alumina market. However, higher cost of production is expected to impede the high purity alumina market growth.

* Allied Market Research: Global High Purity Alumina Market 2019 - 2026 Report (2019)